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Read! Read! Read! To Know That You Are Not Alone

To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life- W Somerset Maugham


When I can’t stand to look at one more hateful tweet or post on Facebook, I logout and, I read a book.

When I turn on the videos on YouTube to hear the news and all I hear is people shouting and talking over one another, I exit and, I read a book.

When I realize that I have 500 unread emails, I sign-out and, I read a book.

When the apartment is a mess and friends are on their way over, I find a corner and, I read a book.

You get the point. When I’m stressed, I grab a book. I also read when I’m not stressed. I like to read. I love to read.

The smell of the book is where I find the pleasure. People reading e-book can never understand the essence of actual reading.

Reading is such a wonderful habit. It is a kind of therapy, which can work wonders and act as a soothing balm to calm frenzied minds and frayed nerves. It is a stimulating tonic, which brings that distinctive qualitative change in the wholesome persona of the individual who takes to it just like a duck takes to water. Allied with it, it is also quoted that books are one's best friends in life and this even when one's real friends in life betray one. Books are always there even in one's most difficult times and are very rightly hailed as human's best soothe-mate.

They are the never-failing friend in that they provide teachings, influence one’s thoughts and actions, alter one’s life for the best, gives advice, encouragement, and entertainment when one is down. Moreover, their failure to demand anything in return except reading and taking care of them make them true friends. Through their wide array of topics, all these benefits are accrued making them an intelligent choice for a friend of all time.

But unfortunately, reading habit is decreasing these days, especially among the new generation.

Even today reading is considered as one of the best past times for many people, though the advent of television and Internet has led to a certain negative impact on the minds of almost everybody, especially youth, teenagers and kids. And this, in turn, has resulted in the slow decline in the number of book readers.

Students have put down beloved paperbacks and replaced them with smartphones, iPads, kindle and other technology. Kids' reading for pleasure has dropped tremendously over the past 40 years, and technology may be to blame.

The question of spending money on books is over-ruled by the thought that everything is available on a computer. People prefer to spend money on something else than spending on books. Some even say there are risks of losing books while carrying them. Moreover, why to carry a burden unnecessarily when there is a laptop available?

Some think that turning pages with a touch of a button is much easier than flipping the pages of a paper book. Shrinking or enlarging print and moving to any part of the book with a click helps in many cases. Taking note is much more powerful. It also provides a touch-sensitive screen, and the advantages to this are being able to annotate text, highlight important passages, and scribble in the margins. It is money saving and convenient.

But why do some people still swear by paper? There is still some unique appeal of holding a book in your hands to have the full experience of reading. They are easier on the eyes and easier to read. Paper book is also more reliable. It can be used anywhere, even where there is no electricity unlike with e-book reading devices that need batteries and recharging. Bookcases and shelves full of paper books can also add a touch of luxury to your house. Shelves full of books can be a beautiful sight and make a home warm and friendly. That is another reason why people prefer paper over digital. It renders art more beautifully than an e-Ink display. Paper books are more durable and more engaging to the readers than e-books.

Apart from this if we just talk about the importance of a book which plays a significant role in our life. They say that “When you open a book, you open a new world”. I believe that everyone world agrees with this statement as books have become inevitable to mankind. For the majority of people, books are part of their everyday life. 

Books are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer and helpful advice. One can read about anything under the sun. Books have been here for centuries and without them, today’s knowledge of our past ancestors, cultures and civilizations would have been impossible. Have you ever thought what would have happened if intellectuals never documented their studies?

On the 23rd of April, the world celebrates the World Book Day. This day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly reading. The main aim of the World Book Day is to encourage children to the pleasures of books and reading. The reason for choosing this particular date is interesting. The 23rd of April is a symbolic date for world literature because it is the date of death for many great authors and poets such as William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, William Wordsworth and many others.

In my opinion, reading is the perfect hobby and I am sure that a lot of people would agree. There are a lot of wonderful reasons why reading is important.